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IMPORTANT! Many companies in the academic writing industry DO NOT offer any real Money Back Guarantee policy. Very often they tend not to keep their promise to return the money when you claim you are not satisfied with the order. team wants you to FEEL SAFE when placing the order!

Our Money Back Guarantee entitles you with full rights to request and receive a refund, if something goes wrong. This includes any possible issues you may encounter, and completely protects your interests. enjoys and value our high customer satisfaction rate, while refund requests are extremely rare, which is due to our crystal-clear Money Back Guarantee. Quality-based refund requests are reviewed by our QA department specialists and processed within a 14 day time frame, all other refund requests are usually processed within 3-4 business days.

Is it safe & confidential hiring a writer on this website?

Yes, absolutely. We take confidentiality very seriously, thats why we never had any issues with this matter. Neither submitted information, nor the written paper will ever be shared with any third parties. All the information is protected by SSL (Socket Security Layer), as well as Essay.Party staff.

Why should I trust with my paper writing to someone from Essay.Party?

We have been on the market for many years. Our team has one of the best native writers from US, UK, Canada, Australia. We know that we can deliver and thus offer unlimited revisions and money back guarantee. Also, you can check your paper through our Plagiarism Checker to make sure paper is not plagiarized.

Where you located? May I know more about your company?

Yes, sure. We are a team of writers from Los Angeles, we love iced tea and crispy taco's, but more than that we love producing quality content. We first started as script writers, then slowly moved to generating content, articles for websites and now we are in the Academic Writing business. We do it with utmost dedication and quality. Our in house team consist of 10 writers, but our remote team of writers consist of more than 50 writers from different location of the world.

When and how will I receive my order?

Once the paper is ready, our support team will contact you via email or by phone. The completed paper will be send to the email address your provide in the order form.

Dear Customers

My name is Jessica Wallace and I am Head of the Quality Assurance Department here at I have resolved many misunderstandings & disagreements in the field of academic assistance, and thus would like to give you a few inputs on how this works and can be settled down.

Many online services starting to have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. This can hardly be true. We can cautiously agree that it is almost impossible to achieve a full score running any kind of service. There always will be a few unsatisfied customers, regardless of the service excellence.

I am very proud to say that has highest customer satisfaction rate. Many thanks to our hardworking team, who is available to assist 24/7. All of our members do their best to ensure your experience is 100% hassle-free.

As a member of the QA, I am the one who deals with the tiny percentage of customers whose expectations were somehow not reached. I would like to assure you that if we are the ones responsible, we will not hesitate to issue refund; and to make it up by issuing a generous discount code for future orders

There are a few tips I would like to share to eliminate any misunderstanding that may arise during the order process:

Please provide all necessary details needed to complete your paper at the time you place the order...
Reply to Support Team in timely manner. We may need clarifications or some additional information to make sure you get an A grade paper.
We are here whatever the situation is. Just explain what is the issue to one of our Support Team members through Chat, Email or Phone and we will help you!

In contrast with other sites, we do have a very clear Money Back Guarantee. It is very well structured and explained. Any possible problematic situation is catered for, together with an appropriate refund percentage and a detailed explanation.

To be honest, dispute resolution is not always easy. It can sometimes be quite complex, and can require intricate proceedings. With every unique problematic situation, a fair investigation is run, and a just decision made.

Let me assure you that there is nothing as gratifying as a satisfied customer’s feedback, when a resolution has been reached, another client is happy, and a further order has been placed.

Best regards

Jessica Wallace

Quality Assurance Department

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